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028_ Interview: before you forget, the earth is trapping more heat

16 September, 2021 - 3 min read

028_ Interview: before you forget, the earth is trapping more heat

Before you forget, the Earth is trapping more and more heat

Something that I’ve been noticing over the past few years, which became very apparent with the catastrophic australian wildfires where over one billion animals died, is that our narriative around climate change feels fixated on singular, grand events.

Seeing the sky an eerie shade of orange and the streets of Sydney covered in smoke really looked startling and reminiscent of a seen from an apocalyptic movie.

We collectively all became shook, and the stories and images flooded all of the many channels of media. Corporate news, social media, hell it even came into or day to day life.

But then it was followed by massive wildfires in the US where the same effect of blocking out the sky happened, but even more startling, the east coast of the states was getting poorer air quality and grey skies from what was happening thousands of miles away.

How long did that stay in our collective narriative though?

Fast forward to now, we’ve had many more startling events, from a heat dome that killed at least a million marine animals on the west coast of north america, and more wild fires, and the colorado river officially, and rather late, getting called to drought conditions.

Yet, as far as it looks from the hammock I’m watching it all from, that we only tend to keep our narrative fixed on whatever is the most shocking event at that moment.

It’s important to take the time to let realities breathe, take in the event that occurred and understand what that trend left unhinged goes, and what are possible options to push towards better outcomes.

Part of that brings in the importance of scientists and people who do sift through all the available information and points out what’s occurring.

One piece of this type of information came out this summer, when my guest for this interview Loeb published data that he’s been working on showing that the Earth is trapping far more heat, and at a far faster rate, over the past two decades.

This has to do with a whole lot of factors, some as miniscule in thinking, but grand at the margins of time.

In this episode NASA Scientists Dr. Loeb, spends time explaining the means and mechanisms scientists have to understand climate data, what he’s been working on and what that means for our planet in the coming century.

It’s very interesting getting to hear what is going on with our climate systems from those who spend the majority of their days coming it over in ways that far outstrip us average consumers.

And with that, my interview with Dr. Loeb.


This was an excerpt from the intro essay to _bandwidth: coast to coast

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