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025_ Conversation: nomadic gene expression

22 August, 2021 - 3 min read

025_ Conversation: nomadic gene expression

Thank you for listening to this episode of bandwidth coast to coast

For this episode, we’re going to follow one person’s adventure around multiple coasts, over whole continents.

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about Sebastian Junger’s book, Tribe, more specifically a passage he has in the beginning where he cites Ben Franklin’s concern that settlers along the edges of tribal indian land, would be tempted to go run off with them.

Apparently, those who got a taste of tribal life, frequently wanted to stay with them, or run off along with them.

Same thing was even true for colonial settlers who were violently kidnaped by natives, like fabled Cynthia Anne Parker.

There’s something deeply satisfying for sapiens to be banded together with their belongings one with the elements.

It’s almost as if there’s a nomadic gene within us, that can get triggered into being expressed.

We feel safe and comfortable in our homes with climate control and beautiful windows to see what lies beyond it’s foundation.

The reality though, is that even behind our walls, we’re intimately woven with that outside world.

Perhaps that’s why many sapiens who get a taste of having a thinner and thinner veil between, tend to get pulled into its orbit.

In the case of colonists and the indeginous people, they at least had direct contact with people living a nomadic way.

With my guest though, there was nothing other than the pull of something more on a journey that pulled him onto the road, and off it, with nothing more than what could fit in or on his Jeep.

Dan Grec, has gone fully up and down the length of North America, and completely around the whole of the continent of Africa.

He is a delightfully deep and philosophical person, who one day when the thoughts crossed into action, decided to go on a journey and has since turned it into a worldwide adventure. The stories about people, incredibly complex situational problem solving and the beauty of our planet are immense with Dan.

People who have lived like him, with these type of epic and grand experiences, are in many ways living many lives within one.

He’s currently in his home continent of Australia, and planning his next adventure round another continent. You can find, follow and support him on theroadchoseme.com

This conversation got very philosophical very quickly, and really was fun for me to talk. Dan was held up in a hotel for quarantine when we talked, and as I watched the sun set outside my window the time flew by.

We talk about how Dan got started on his adventures, some stories of his time in Africa, where the most memorable parts of his time has been, and some deep philosophical dives about life and living along the way.

Thank you again for tapping into the pod, I do hope you enjoy the chat.

Without further ado, my conversation with Dan Grec from the road chose me.


This was an excerpt from the intro essay to _bandwidth: coast to coast

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