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024_ Conversation: without a connection, you don’t feel responsible

09 May, 2021 - 4 min read

024_ Conversation: without a connection, you don’t feel responsible

Thank you for tuning into this episode of _bandwidth: coast to coast

Here’s a truth about our current time, or any time in since our species became sapiens.

How we interact with reality around us, is an emergent effect from the philosophy we choose to subscribe to.

Lifeforms tend to be set onto a path, a fern is to photosynthesize, a frog is to leap, and sapiens, perhaps the only part of our ‘wise’ moniker befitting the label it bestows, are set onto a path of philosophy.

Yes yes yes, we have the ability to kill at a distance. Our arms have been engineered over evolutionary cycles to be perfectly adjusted to generate thrust for a throw. Which perhaps set us down a path making more and more advanced projectiles.

We have novel social groups, and unlike nearly any other species on the planet we can live in solitude or small pairs, as well as in large groups and cosmopolitan societies. Which makes for the ability to survive in the most chaotic of challenges, and to work together to make the pyramids.

Insofar as I’ve really sat and pondered this, the biggest unique quality that makes us what we are, is our ability to have an idea, or set of ideas, that shape the very way we view and interact with reality around us.

Cannibalism is repugnant, but not to some species.

And neither is it from some cultural groups of sapiens.

Look left and right at the world around us right now, all the endless news cycles, equally as endless discord about the next thing that comes up, is all a product of the philosophy of the individual or individuals who are producing it.

So very much of the complicated present moment we live in, is an emergent quality of the philosophy that many of us unknowingly entrench ourselves in.

Putting it rather plainly, philosophy is what we make of thinking, and in turn, what we encourage from that thinking is inevitably how we end up viewing reality.

We can see the world in one way or another, but what’s most important along the way, is to not forget that it is our choice in how we see the world.

For if we only continue on with comfort, what we were taught or how we’ve always thought, we’re going to lose out on a lot of moments worth noticing, and a lot of opportunities to better our reality, in the individual, and community.

This episode ignited all types of thought within me. From how we can better come together as a collective species to resolve our relationship with the Earth, and also why it is so hard for most of us to see that lost connection, let alone better mend it.

Each time I’ve talked with him, Ron Goode, the Tribal Chair of the North Fork Mono Tribe, he deposits wide chunks of previously unknown history and wisdom.

In this exchange, little has changed, with the exception of us driving out of the known, and into the mystic, unexplainable, yet real.

Ron in this episode riffs with me on the type of philosophy abundant in America today, what better ways there are to think about tending a forest, issuing better hunting tags, stories from his childhood, before ending on a truth about our time.

If you ever have time, I encourage you to join or donate to one of the cultural burns that Ron puts on. He’s a wellspring of knowledge and I truly hope those who are in charge of managing our lands start to listen to his words, instead of merely hearing them.

Well, without further musing by me, you got a call to action, a bit of a rhythm, then my conversation with Ron Goode, Tribal Chair of the North Fork Mono Tribe.


This was an excerpt from the intro essay to _bandwidth: coast to coast

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