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010_ Conversation: the greatest sin is inaction

09 November, 2020 - 2 min read

010_ Conversation: the greatest sin is inaction

What is science? How can it help us look at the world around us? Where are it’s limits?

What’s the value in literature, narrative or analogy? How can their lessons help us understand our world?

Who’s Norman Borlaug and why is he responsible for saving more lives than anyone else…ever?

Thank you for tapping into this episode of _bandwidth: coast to coast.

These questions are just some of the areas that were covered in my conversation with this episode’s guest, Dr. Ari Novy.

Dr. Novy is a biologist, author and CEO of the San Diego Botanical Gardens.

He’s also is a through and dynamic thinker, who is great at breaking things down into a small point, before finding the interconnectivity of it all.

It was a fun conversation that covers a lot of ground, introduces a few new ways of looking at our time, the fascinating nature of plants, what is science and what is it good for, and how given the challenge we’re up against in the Anthropocene, the only inadmissible action, is inaction.

Something I’ve been thinking quite a lot about since we met.

I really don’t want to frame this episode too much, as it starts off running and is really interesting throughout.

Just after the drums, my conversation with Dr. Ari Novy.



This was an excerpt from the intro essay to _bandwidth: coast to coast

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