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005_ Interview: buttar v. the status quo

22 October, 2020 - 3 min read

005_ Interview: buttar v. the status quo

Hey there, thank you for letting _bandwidth: coast to coast invade your ears for the next 60 minutes.

There’s a speech I reference in this interview, who’s message is the importance of the obvious, ordinary, taken for granted things.

Because, I would extend, it’s in those obvious banalities, that a lot gets away with being hidden in plain sight. Or, simply forgotten about.

How many issues have accepted silence and little political will, been left to turn into bigger and bigger conundrums?

I would submit, that our current situation of rationalizing away debate in the name of unity, is leaving more issues to fester.

Issues like the war on terror, healthcare, voting rights, and have we really even built a healthy economy post the Great Recession, let alone COVID?

Where have we gotten a good win in?

Why is this, the accepted state of affairs?

Before knowing why, and where to go, it’s useful to know what first.

What is wrong with our current status quo?

I follow Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi quite closely.

I followed when she brokered to be voted back in as speaker in 2018.

I also took notice when a Democrat, Shahid Buttar, was set to face her in the general election.

I followed Shahid’s campaign from afar, read up on his policy stances, comments on the political news of the moment, but it wasn’t until preparing for this interview that I dove into Shahid the person.

The musician, poet, the activist, and lawyer.

Shahid’s been working on calling attention to, and fighting the ever increasing set of conundrums we face for years.

From what I’ve seen, he’s done this in a detailed way that only a lawyer can, from a perspective only an artist can see.

When going through my dive, I came across a string of writing Shahid published going back to Obama’s early years.

Reading Shahid’s critique on the war on terror, encryption, a message to law students, then on through his poetry, the more I read, the more I found myself cheering along.

In order to improve the status quo, I think we need multidimensional individuals who are willing to rise to the occasion.

I got a glimpse of what Shahid knows, what he knows not just about the facade that is our government in bad need of reform, but where to find the cracks, how they’ve grown over the years, how deep it all goes.

We went across a range of topics, but they all kept on this unintended theme; corporations have gained increasing influence on everything from what food is grown, to what laws are written, and policy makers have been complicit in that, as well as many other direct violations of our rights as citizens.

I really enjoyed this one.

Without further delay other than the sound of the ocean, Shahid Buttar, Congressional candidate for 12th district in San Francisco California.


This was an excerpt from the intro essay to _bandwidth: coast to coast

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